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How to Unzip Downloaded album on FlexyOkay

In the context of ZIP files, unzipping means extracting the files from a compressed folder. Unzipping files on an Android tablet or smartphone used to require a special third-party app, but it can now be done with the official Files by Google app.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and install Files by Google.
  2. Open Files by Google and locate the ZIP file you want to unzip. If you downloaded the ZIP file from a website, it may be in the Downloads folder.
  3. Tap the file you want to unzip. The list of files in the compressed ZIP folder appears.
  4. Tap Extract to unzip the file. After the files are extracted, a list of the unzipped files displays.
  5. Tap Done.
  6. All of the extracted files are copied to the same location as the original ZIP file.
  7. What Are ZIP Files Used For?

Files that use the .zip extension are referred to as ZIP files. ZIP (pronounced like the word “zip”) files compress and bundle many files together to make it easier to send, upload, and download a group of files. ZIP files are used on websites to help visitors download a large number of documents or media at once without having to manually download each file individually.

Watch the Video for more information:

If you’re still finding it difficult to unzip/extract the Album File, Please drop your question/complaint as a comment below:


  • Anonymous Anonymous December 14, 2020

    A great one

  • August 1, 2022

    Am gudani manenzhe from south Africa

  • asanda asanda November 13, 2022

    my device says that a password is needed
    what might it be ?

    • IamClassic  <i title="This is a Verified Author" class="fa fa-check-circle"></i> IamClassic Post author | November 13, 2022

      For what album is that?

  • Bright Bright June 15, 2023

    I downloaded the boy alone deluxe edition and I tried unzipping it
    It didn’t show any thing innit

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